Gerbera Daisies…did you know?


Gerbera Daisies have to be one of the most popular flowers we sell here at Barrie Flowers. And who can blame you for wanting to claim these little stems of happiness. Their perfection is simply awesome. And their colour varieties are incredible. It’s hard not to smile or feel momentary awe and admiration at the sight of a large gerbera daisy on display.

A Gerbera Daisy Secret


So what is the secret to long-lasting, cut gerbera daisies in your home? It’s really simple and the technique also works well with many other cut flowers displayed in a vase.

Here’s the secret: Place a single, long-stemmed gerbera daisy in a vase in which the water is no more than about three quarters to perhaps one inch deep. An ideal vase is one that is squat-shaped, so that the cut stem is inserted into a relatively large volume of shallow water. You must be careful of using a tiny vase with only a small reservoir of water at the bottom that may dry out and actually ruin your flower more quickly.

It turns out that cut gebera daisies can soak up water through their stems and essentially begin to weaken and decay if the water is too deep. By keeping only shallow water in the vase, this problem is reduced and the stem stays stronger much longer and continues to keep the flower robust.

Another simple little trick to extend the display life of a gerbera daisy is to watch for the cut end of the stem to discolor and look like it is getting soggy. Just snip off a little bit of the stem so that the remaining stem is strong and your gerbera daisy will continue to look fresh and amaze you for perhaps several weeks. Many other flowers also last longer when displayed as single stems or as a bouquet of the same species.

Come in to visit us and pick up a few stems for yourself. Try this new little trick and let us know how it works for you!




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